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Friday, April 07, 2006

the haunting of jenny

i've never seen one. but i keep an open mind about ghosts, because hey, it's fun to believe. and no one wants to just stop existing when they die, and i don't really believe that happens. i want the opportunity to haunt the everloving shiznit out of someone when i die.

so ok, to my point. i was on the phone yesterday talking to my mom, standing in the middle of the dining room, half listening and half just spacing off and staring at my car out the kitchen door window. my skateboarding kermit the frog antenna topper slays that much, i'm tellin ya.

i felt a POKE on my back near my neck, and spun around like WTF, and nothing was there. not davey, and really, i don't know if he's even tall enough to reach. no wall to bump into. nothing. there was pressure behind this, not like a blood vessel thingy, this really felt like a finger jabbing me in the back.

so i let me mom listen to me wig out for a few minutes, let her go so i could do the dishes and hung up the phone. before going into the kitchen, i heard someone knocking on my door. davey said he heard the doorbell, but i heard knocking. he might've just been confused, i don't know. i was in a strange state and was having trouble comprehending that there was no one at my door. or either of the neighbors' doors, for that matter, which i sometimes mistake for mine. but nada, no one.

so, yeah, let that go, although i was rather befuddled and had a bit of the heebeejeebees, and i went into the kitchen to wash the dishes and start dinner. i have this little violin magnet on the fridge, that when you touch the bow to the strings over and over, it plays out a song. without being touched, it let out one long note and stopped when i turned around. i stared at it a second and it started playing Ode to Joy really fast. so i threw in onto the kitchen table and it stopped until a few minutes later, when davey wandered over to stare at it, which is when it belted out a lighting fast rendition of Auld Lang Syne.

then, while i was trying to remain calm and finish the dishes, i hear this loud POP right next to me. it sounded as if someone had one of those snack size bags of chips and squeezed it til it popped. but like hell if i could find what it was. and not only did i hear it once, i heard it twice. both right beside of me. i left the dishes for later, man, that was just NUTS.

so...fuck, not only do i have centipedes, i have a poltergeist.

i wonder if they make a Raid for that...

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