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Thursday, November 30, 2006

better tonight

at work again. this is the only place i get a reliable connection anymore, so weird as it sounds, i look forward to coming to work. man i'm a nerd.

i'm having a much better night. those dipshits from last night got kicked out of the hotel today, not sure why the hell they weren't arrested last night since they did have drugs on them and they were beating the shit out of each other while disturbing a hotel full of business dudes and families. but whatever, i hope i never see them again.

one of them came down in the morning trying to act all casual. i felt like saying, "look man, i've already seen you all bloody and crying in your boxer shorts running around scared in the parking lot like a big fucking baby, you can't act cool around me now." but i kept my mouth shut.

my poor car gets junked tomorrow. it's fucked beyond repair and my only option now is the junkyard. *sigh* dunno when i'll be able to afford another car, and it sucks having to ask charlie for rides everywhere, i feel like i ruin all his days off by asking him to pick me up from work at like 7 in the morning. he can't even sleep in. i am a burden to all around me. damn me.

anyway, enough self-pity.

i have something new i want on my gravestone when i die: "Jenny. She invented the pig."

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