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Monday, November 03, 2003

A Load Off

So, y'know, it dawned on me.
I'm moving in like 7 months.
Before I am eligible for another raise at work.
So why the hell am I working so hard? It's not like I truly care how that store looks. So I only need to work hard enough not to get fired.
I feel so free.

I think I scratched my eye or something. It's all itchy.
Or I might have pinkeye. You know what that leads to.
That's the first step to becoming a brain eating zombie. Boo-ya!

I am so having karaoke withdrawal. *ROXANNE...*
Fakey fish tanks are so awesome. Right now my plastic jellyfish is riding one of the other plastic fish like a horsey. Yee-haw. The plastic seahorse looks jealous...

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