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Saturday, March 06, 2010

what's all the hoop-la

i don't remember ever having a hula hoop when i was a kid. my dad swears i did, so whatever. but i think not. i know i always wanted one. it looked so fun. and easy. it probably would have been easy had i tried learning then, when i was 10. but no. i tried at the ripe old age of 30.
charlie saw the hoops in walmart while we in the toy section fulfilling our end of the bribe (kids act sane, get toys). i remember saying something...sometime to him about the childhood trauma of never having a hula hoop. so he stuck one in the cart. and bought it. and brought it home and...
...found out i suck at it. it still LOOKS fun, when i see other people doing it the right way. but it sure as shit isn't easy at all, especially considering all my roundness. but i'm determined to learn to hoop. it seems like good exercise, and if i can get the fucking thing to stay on my hips, it would be really fun. it seems like the ideal way to lose weight, if i could only stop inhaling so much junk food, alcohol and sugar. :D

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