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Saturday, January 23, 2010

this blog and me

i noticed something...that probably no one else has noticed because no one is reading anymore. i, for the most part, have abandoned this blog. if my 24 year old self could see this, she'd be sick. however, i am coolly indifferent.

i started this thing in 2003. it is now 2010. i feel like a different person than the girl who started a weird new thing called a blog when she was 24 because some guy had one and she wanted to feel important like that. i haven't talked to that guy SINCE i was 24, yet this blog lives on. neat.

if i'm online anymore, i live on facebook. this is because the people i know in real life have figured out how to type (some just barely). all my creative ideas manifest themselves as 2 sentence blurbs which i use as a profile status. i will try to update my beloved spitnoodle, because i refuse to let her die. but my life and priorities have changed in monumental ways this past six years. i have too many distractions (good distractions, but ones that keep me from forming a thought). right now all i hear is, ", mom..," and fingernails impatiently tapping on the table as david asks me where are the oreos.

i do what i can, and that's all i can do.


landismom said...

I think a lot of bloggers of our generation (blog generation, not life generation, that is) are having a similar experience right now. The blog hasn't changed, but technology--and our lives--has.

Noah Bawdy™ said...

I've neglected my blog lately as well and have only recently started posting on a semi regular basis again. Sometimes life changes and you just move onto other things. I'm also on facebook quite a bit now too.

mmmmmmmm... oreos.