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Thursday, March 16, 2006

the creepy crawlies

davey's off school today, so i assumed i'd be sleeping in. so what time did i wake up this morning? 6:30. davey has this thing where he just CAN'T let me sleep past 7, school day or not.

so i get up, make him some breakfast, and trudge back upstairs prepared to curl back up in bed. i had noticed this thing on the ceiling while i was laying there earlier, but i thought i was a crack or a hook or something. my vision sucks and i was half asleep.

well, it had moved.

and it had a kajillion little legs.

and it was huge and fucking nasty.

there was a centipede chillin on my ceiling. forgive me, i realize that they're a common household insect in some places, but i've never seen one of these things in real life, so it freaked me the hell out. it took me a good five minutes of staring at the monstrosity on my ceiling (and i do believe it was staring back at me with the same WTF expression) before i even realized what it was.

i've seen millipedes before. they're gross and creepy but i can handle them, i don't freak out. but this mofo...i'm sure the neighbors could hear me screaming.

it's like i'm scared of the legs. the creepy crawly legs. if spiders, with only eight legs freak me out, then i am three times as scared of centipedes. or something like that, i didn't stop and count it's legs, i sprayed it with Raid (although it's for ants, it managed to knock it off the ceiling) and squished it with a huge wad of paper towels.

i just read that they bite, i did not know that. i will never sleep again.

and now i keep feeling imaginary little bug legs on my back and feet. EW.

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