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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Perplexed Jenny. Religion. I just can't.

Scrolling through my Facebook feed, my eyes tend to roll back into my head every few minutes each time I pass certain family members' ignorant posts meant to make the nonreligious of us feel ashamed. They all know I'm an atheist. The last one was a "shame on you," type jab to those who don't agree that god is good. I don't understand people. Why emerse yourselves in an oppressive fairy tale? And why make me out to be evil for simply using my fucking brain and stating the obvious? How can my otherwise sane and loving family members have this COMPLETELY FUCKING MENTAL side to them? I need a drink.


Daniel Sale said...

You know I'm a Christian. I've read science articles and archaeology articles since the 90's and have never come across anything to make me question that there's an intelligent design to it all. I'm one of the few who doesn't feel science intrudes on religion, and the other way around. In fact, depending on how long you've tuned in, it becomes apparent that they compliment each other.

But whatever. Everyone has to use their brains and reach their own conclusions. My only issue is that if there is something greater, the brain is going to be somewhat of a limited device through which perceptions of it will be able to creep through. With that considered, faith becomes important.

Jenny said...

My issue at the moment is with specific people in my Facebook feed that are attempting to shame all non-Christians for not believing precisely in what they do. It's not all religious people. I would say that at least 80% of my Facebook friends are religious (and often share religious themed posts), but it's only a very small percentage of those friends (some happen to also be family) who are doing the shaming. I'm not talking about the occasional joke made at the expense of someone of another faith. Though mildly offensive, it's a joke. Not to be taken seriously. I joke about religion, I know my humor is sometimes offensive, too. But to seriously write that I should be ASHAMED of myself (they never specifically targeted me, but all non-Christians) or even not be allowed to live in this country due to my atheism, is completely asinine. Some of these people are family members who I love and get along with and never hear them say these kinds of things away from Facebook. So, yeah, it confuses me.

I don't always agree with everything you say, Diggity, but you're an awesome friend and I respect you and your right to believe what you want to believe. I agree that our brains are limited. My brain is all I have to work with and if everything I observe in the world around me points one way, I can't force myself to believe and have faith that it's another way just because someone told me it was. That feels wrong. I do believe there are plenty of things out there that I am unaware of or that are too large a concept for my feeble brain to process. I just can't build a belief around something that might or might not be there, an unknown. My calling religion an "oppressive fairy tale" is just the way I see it. I don't understand it, but I still respect peoples' right to believe it, regardless of how mind-boggling it is to me. I am just living my life the way I feel is right based on how my brain interprets what I observe, same as anyone. Goo goo ga joob. :)