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Sunday, October 06, 2013

Crowds and My Monkey Hat

I went to an autumn festival yesterday with my family, my mom, and my brother's family. I get so excited for fall, but fucking hell, it was almost 90 degrees out. Sweating fucking mess. And the crowd was huge. I live just 10 minutes from where this goes on every year but didn't realize there is such a big turnout. It was like the entire town had turned into a parking lot (aside from all the main streets that were shut down and swarming with people).

Not going again. Figured it would be a relaxing day with the family, but I should have known it wouldn't be so relaxing for me, since we were leaving the beautiful comfort of our own house. I have this aversion to feeling like I'm always in the way. I hate being in someone's way, being a nuisance, an obstacle. And if I am in a crowd, I always always always feel that way. Blech.

BUT, I did pick up a superfantastic sock monkey hat.


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Charlie Clouse said...

Love the hat!