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Monday, April 27, 2009

yet ANOTHER hundred things about me (PART 3)

because i can't get enough of myself, and therefore neither can you.
(this is an addition to lists from 2004 and 2006)

201. i have two kids
202. and they're 8 years apart
203. i detest "macho men"
204. but seeing an unmacho man do a random, very manly act is SEXY
205. i just saw charlie do push-ups for the first time ever..ooooh
206. i have really unattached myself from the internet over the past 3 years
207. i haven't written any poetry (well, not much) since i got pregnant with lucy (November 2007)
208. i am trying to lose 80 lbs or more by the end of the year
209. i am listening to bob marley
210. my son is in the gifted program at school
211. i have 11 surgery scars on my midsection
212. i don't plan to have any more children
213. but sometimes plans change (but in this case, i really hope not)
214. my favorite word is BOOM, so much so that i'm getting this on my license plate (only with a few more o's for emphasis)
215. i've recently discovered that i am a WICKED cook
216. but my son, dave still won't eat 80% of what i cook
217. i secretly think i am a better parent than...every other parent in existance
218. except for my own parents, because they produced amazing me.
219. i finally got into the habit of cleaning up my house every day...although my bedroom is still a disaster
220. i'm going to be 30 in august (gasp!)
221. i had a guest at work ask me if i was 21 yet...this was last week.
222. i will always look like i'm 20. BOOM!
223. i've been with charlie almost exactly 3 years now. we met online in 2005 before i even moved to Harrisonburg and met in person in april, 2006
224. and the first time he invited me over to his apartment, he gave me a lightsaber (hey, it beats flowers)
225. my favorite sesame street character is and always has been grover
226. i just bought my first pair of Earth shoes with the negative heal and GAWD, they are the best shoes ever...even better than crocs
227. i've kept this same blog for about 6 years, since i lived in WA
228. but i don't update it nearly as much now
229. i refuse to get remarried until i am at my ideal weight
230. the night i had Lucy, when my water broke, i had a dream about my water breaking about a half hour before it actually happened. how's that for psychic.
231. i used to bellydance (when i was younger and skinnier)
232. i was in drama club in high school, and was in one play where i sang and danced.
233. when i was little, i wanted to be a dancer when i grew up.
234. but instead, now i work at a fucking hotel. oh well.
235. my 6 year old self would be disappointed in the way i turned out.
236. so would my 16 year old self.
237. so would my 23 year old self.
238. i'm not disappointed now, though. i'm quite happy with my life.
239. i write more poetry when i'm unhappy.
240. i still plan on writing a novel...someday.
241. i can't eat at mcdonalds ever since finding a dead beetle in my breakfast meal (under the eggs) when i was pregnant.
242. speaking of dead beatles, john is my favorite beatle
243. i am HUGE packrat and have a basement full of boxes of things i knew i should have gotten rid of a long time ago but...WHAT IF I NEED THEM??? GHAAA.
244. the smell of incense makes me want to write angsty poetry
245. when i was young (about 10ish) i had this paranoia that my bed would float off into space while i was sleeping and i would have to survive off of just the things i had in my bed
246. so i would stock my bed with snacks, drinks and books just in case.
247. i continued to keep provisions in my bed until i was a teenager, just out of habit.
248. i used to rollerskate every friday night when i was in high school

ok...stopping for now, i'll finish later. i know you are QUIVERING with anticipation. pshhh.

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