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Monday, June 26, 2006


a humid, stormy monday afternoon. we started our trip (my brother aaron, davey and i) at my parents' house an hour away. our destination: Burkittsville, Maryland. the town from the movie The Blair Witch Project. yet, only a half hour into the journey, a potential disaster threatened to put an end to our trip. a wheel on aaron's minivan, which i have nicknamed Mr. Plumple (the van, not my brother), started to wobble.

we feared a flat tire or worse, but after a quick trip to aaron's work (he works on tires for a living), it was clear it was only a simple case of loose lug nuts. so after fixing Mr. Plumple's loose nuts, and a few 7-11 hot dogs later, we again pointed ourselves in the direction of Burkittsville.

we arrived around 7pm. in the sinister fog of Burkittsville, we snapped a few pictures with my mom's digital camera. a wicked cemetery. an awesome old wall by the state park, with a statue of some sort in it.

we snapped too many pictures to post them all, like a few of a rainy entrance to the Appalatian Trail (where we saw a few hikers looking oh-so granola with their facial hair and rain gear) and the brick road downtown. after a visit to the Blair Sani-Pot to take a pee, aaron steered us out of town. but not before capturing the now-infamous photos of us by the Burkittsville village sign. BOOM!

and as proof that, yes, Davey the Boy Wonder was with us, here's a pic of my little sidekick slaying the day in the back seat of the Blair Dodge Caravan.

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