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Monday, April 17, 2006


my holiday was great. i was surprised, i thought...rainy weekend, family, davey full of sugar...maybe not so good. but it turned out to be excellent. awesome visit, awesome food, and cadbury eggs. it also thunderstormed last night, which looked wicked cool up at my parents' house in the woods.

i heard that my cousin's ex boryfriend has turned criminal. he ate at some buffet in charlottesville and then afterward, stuck his finger in his pocket and robbed them. and if that wasn't lame enough, he held up...get this...a hallmark store.

who the FUCK holds up a hallmark store?? i mean, it's not good to rob ANY place, don't get me wrong, but how moronic is that. and now i'm wondering, was he planning this for awhile, or was he in there buying a card or a teddy bear or something and thought, "I'M GONNA ROB 'EM"

i don't pretend to understand.

my downstairs closet is a swamp. i called to have someone come out and fix the water heater, waited all day for him to show up, look at it, and say, "yup, it's leaking." *sigh* ok, so tomorrow i guess i'm trapped here waiting for someone ELSE to come out and replace it, then i have to wait for yet ANOTHER person to come out and suck the water out of the carpet. the carpet sucker. that sounds like lesbian porn.

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