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Thursday, March 02, 2006

poor noodle

it's been weeks and the only post i could muster was a picture of puppies. i am a bad blogger.

so, ok, what's been going

i've been (again) playing around with the idea of putting my webcam on the sidebar. it wouldn't be an all the time thing, since i'm on dialup and am not online 24/7, but i am online enough to where you'd probably see a lot of me.

i'd just be chillin and staring at the screen, but if you refresh the cam enough times, you might catch me sneeze. how exciting is that. but most of the time, you'll just be seeing this:

wow. it almost looks life-like.

so who knows, maybe in the next few days you'll see that. and hopefully more posts. i've been posting regularly on my poetry blog, so as one can see, i haven't died or anything.

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