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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

he's gone...and back

he's there. now. my baby's at school. i feel sick. i didn't cry. i hope he remembers his milk money. i hope he doesn't forget his lunchbox on the bus. i hope i calm the hell down.


i'll update this when he gets home. right now...i must go pace and chain smoke.

:: UPDATE ::

whew, first day over, and he still likes it enough to want to go back. YAY. though i stood at the corner for about 45 minutes freaking out when the bus didn't show up when i expected it to. but that's what you get when trying to drop off that many kindergarteners, and on the first day. the kids were probably confused, plus the driver had a list of their names and wouldn't let them get off the bus until they verified that one of the adults standing out there was their parent. which is great, since my main concern was whether davey would get off at the right stop.

all in all, things worked out great. he brought me home a wicked awesome picture that he colored and i made him some badass brownies.

and we get to do it all again tomorrow.


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