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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

davey. school. tomorrow.

i remember waiting at the bus stop my first day of school. my parents taking pictures. my brand new clothes. the TERROR. aw, gawd was i terrified. anything new frightened me.

davey is starting kindergarten tomorrow. the bus will pick him up in the morning, i'll be there taking pictures. he's got his brand new school clothes and spiderman backpack. his fresh school supplies. i'll have his lunch packed. first day of school, again i'm terrified.

davey, however, is not.

i took him to orientation last evening. i get uneasy around new people, so i figured davey might be the same. i thought there would be a scene. he wouldn't want to go off alone with his teacher and other kids to tour the classroom and take a test ride on the schoolbus.

the only scene he made was when it was time to leave. when it came time to go get the kids, the children were instructed to look for their parents. if they didn't see them, then they were to stay where they are and wait. davey...did not even look for me. i was crushed. he sat there and chatted up his teacher. the neighbor girl spotted me, however, and shouted "DAVID'S MOM!" and ran over to me. davey didn't even look up. all these kids seemed so relieved to see their parents and i was deserted for the teacher. *sigh*

when the room started to clear, i made my way over to davey, took his hand and asked him how the bus ride was. "I WANNA HAVE A PUPPET SHOW" i asked him if liked his teacher. "I WANNA PLAY BASKETBALL" i told him it was time to go home.


my son is not shy, as i was. he is not timid about talking to new people. he will make friends. he will be a joiner. all this is new to me, because i was the opposite. school was a scary place for me, full of strangers and opportunity for embarrassment. for davey, it's a freaking playground with a bunch of new friends and full of opportunity for good times. i wish i was like that when i was his age. but i'm happy he's so social. it makes things that much easier.

but DAMMIT, he didn't even look for me.

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