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Saturday, July 16, 2005

five years old

davey's birthday was today. had a quiet (well, it was supposed to be quiet) family party at the house. he got an obscene amount of toys, much of which i have already played with (yee haw) and good times were had by all. got him a new spiderman costume, since this little dude wears his old halloween spiderman costume almost every day, and it's gotten ripped, faded from washing, and is 2 sizes too small. his new one's got built-it muscles and fiberoptic lights. i caught him in front of the mirror wearing it and checking out his ass.

built him a badass cake. i'm no artist, let alone cake decorator, so it looked a little ghetto, but tasted flipping awesome all the same. and if you leave a comment criticizing my cake decorating skillz, i will find you and hurt you. i spelled 'birthday' wrong the first time, what the shit, haha, but at least i had the skillz to fix it. but not before being made fun of by my mother. thanks mom. no, really. thanks. i will now call it a "birthay" from now on, so maybe it'll look like i meant to do that. mmm hmm. i'll fool 'em all!

i have a freaking 5 year old! how utterly cool and frightening at the same time. i can vividly remember being 5 myself. i have a sneaking suspicion that my maturity level has not improved greatly since that age, considering "nyaa nyaa" and "poopyhead" are still words i use daily.

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