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Monday, March 14, 2005

family stuff

ventured down to harrisonburg, to a "pet party" at my aunt's house yesterday. the only pets i have are fish. there are no real accessories or shampoos or sweaters for fish. no "i love my black tetra" t-shirts.

but i knew this before i went. i went because it was a family thing, and i was promised steak at ruby tuesday's afterwards. biggest highlight: in the middle of the hostess' talk about canine cologne, my 80 year old grandma threw a grape at my aunt and shouted "YOU'RE IT!" i love my family.

i bought Spirited Away for davey since he loves My Neighbor Totoro so much. it's awesome when he wants movies that i actually enjoy, too. it's fucking hell trying to sit through Piglet's Big Movie or Bob the Builder. i end up saying "mommy'll be RIGHT BACK," and sneak off to my computer.

i've been teaching davey names of various bones, if only because it's funny as hell to hear a 4 year old saying things like "metacarpals" and "clavicle." he's caught on faster than i thought he would. he knows the names of, like, 14 bones, which is more than i knew when i was a junior in high school (sad, i know). it's cool and weird and a little intimidating all at the same time.

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