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Sunday, December 12, 2004

Colorless (Another Poem)

Between Malcolm and Mao
Where does my verse come from
Where do I turn to
Now when my heritage doesn’t
Stack up to these masters of
Word of stage filled with a rage
I haven’t earned, I heard
The verse of a black man
Beautiful words of hate aimed
At the white race, aimed
At me and I ate my tears until
The end and poured them
On a page, I am not my fathers,
I have my own pains and rage
The world tries to ignore
My sons already four years old
And I’m still part time at the store
At minimum wage, and my rent is
More than I can afford. My world is
Not colored in black, white, yellow
But in green of all the money
I don’t have to buy my son
The same damn Shrek toy the
Boy has next door.
I heard the voice of a
Chinese girl speaking words
Like Revolution. Change.
And despite her age she already
Knew what she stood for and
Let me tell you
It’s not the Pledge of Allegiance and I
Thought, the only thing I stand for anymore
Is the door when the pizza guy shows up
And I pretend to lose the
Two-for-one coupon. Change
Is a word so foreign to
A tongue who’s rung so long
Of peace and security but is now left
Speechless. Colorless and empty handed
I stand in shame of my past of no
Pride and hide behind the lie that
I have nothing to say.


Anonymous said...

It's always hard to leave comments on poetry. If the poem affects you deeply there aren't very many words available. If it doesn't people tend to simply move on.

Good efforts. Keep working.

Jenny said...

well, i wrote it after watching def poetry. i felt whiter than white. and apparently i write that way, too.