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Saturday, December 18, 2004

100 Things (because I'm a sheep like the rest of you)

1. I share my birth date (not year) with Elvis Costello.
2. I don't remember what my original hair color looks like. I know it's a shade of brownish.
3. I was born in VA...
4. then moved to WA for 13 years...
5. then moved back to VA this year(and don't know anyone here now).
4. My oldest brother is schizophrenic.
5. My other brother is bald.
6. My second toe is longer than the rest of my toes. Someone told me that means I will be a serial killer. I was like WHATEVER, THAT'S A LIE and buried him in my backyard. That asshole...
7. I'm only pierced in my ears, but 6 times (3 in each)
8. I have 2 tattoos -- one on my left forearm of a Pegasus, the other on my right ankle of a Japanese symbol that means "word temple" (poet)
9. I fuckin LOVE eggrolls! The best shit in the world.
10. I hate people that swear. *giggle*
11. I am afraid of rednecks.
12. I am afraid of spiders.
13. I am afraid of clowns and mimes.
14. I scratch the underneath of my fingernails with my eyebrows
15. I am allergic to cocoa butter.
16. I hate cooked vegetables.
17. I am a karaoke goddess. I can sing Baby Got Back like nobody's business. BOOM!
18. I am divorced
19. but we were only married 7 months before we separated.
20. My weird gift -- the phantom whistle. I can whistle without moving my mouth, with vibrato and everything (if I could only sing like that...)
21. I still watch Muppet movies.
22. I watch Blue's Clues. Even when my son is not in the room.
23. I play piano a little bit.
24. I got a guitar 9 years ago and still haven't learned to play it that well.
25. This 100 Things list is harder than I thought.
26. I've had a tummy ache every day for almost 4 years.
27. I've smoked since I was 13.
28. I didn't get drunk for the first time till I was 19.
29. I've never been outside of the US.
30. If I did leave the US, I'd go to the UK, if only because I know the language. But who says I'll ever leave the country...
31. I want to hear someone ask to bum a fag.
32. One time, about 4 1/2 years ago, some people ripped a human being out of my abdomen.
33. I'm the great great great...uh...great? niece of Lucy Stone, feminist and first woman to keep her maiden name in marriage...
34. ...but I still took my ex-husband's last name when we were married. Blah!
35. When and if I ever have another child, if it's a girl, I am naming her Lucy.
36. My son's middle name is after David Bowie's character in Labyrinth.
37. I am pretty much blind without my contacts. Or glasses. I see blobs of color and that's all.
38. I always fall for guys shorter than me. But they never catch me. *sigh*
39. I've never owned my own car. I've always rode city busses.
40. I KILL at Bubble Bobble (original Nintendo)
41. I like to dance to oldies radio.
42. My lucky number is 42.
43. I like the smell of gasoline, permanent markers, and fingernail polish remover (but not all of them combined)
44. I think Play Doh smells good enough to eat
45. I am double jointed, but only in two fingers.
46. If left alone, I could sit still and listen to my discman all day.
47. I sing in the shower. Loudly.
48. I think I snore. Not loudly.
49. I have fallen asleep with my eyes open.
50. I had a lucid dream (a dream where I was aware I was dreaming and could control things) one time, about a killer in a hotel. He killed all my friends. If I could control my dream, why did I let him kill all my friends? Hmm. HAHAHA.
51. I'm not really that evil.
52. I am agnostic.
53. I was baptized Methodist.
54. I am claustrophobic in all enclosed/crowded places except for rock shows.
55. I think I might have some hearing loss.
56. My favorite mixed drink is an Alabama Slammer.
57. My favorite candy is dark chocolate truffles.
58. I used to clog dance.
59. I am still embarrassed about the fact that I used to clog dance.
60. When I was 10, my favorite band was Poison (and I am ashamed of that, too)
61. I put an unnatural amount of sugar into my coffee.
62. I feel a little self absorbed starting every sentence with the word "I"
63. I hate hunting. The only mammal I've ever killed was a mouse, because they were eating my food, and even that gave me nightmares.
64. I HATE NASCAR. Also, I'm not fond of people wearing Nascar jackets.
65. I am scared of guns.
66. I don't think anyone that ~~ a)wears a Nascar jacket or hat, b)owns a 4 wheeler, or c)voted for Bush ~~ should be allowed to take a gun into the woods, get drunk and start shooting at anything fuzzy.
67. I was never this picky about people when I lived in WA
68. I still think there's nothing better than coloring with a brand new crayon.
69. Huh huh...I'm on number 69...
70. I have about a dozen beginnings for stories. I start them but rarely finish them.
71. My soda of choice is Cherry Coke
72. I like leopard print, but not leopard print clothes.
73. I've wanted braces since I was 4, when I used to try and color my teeth with a silver crayon.
74. I adore scary movies, ghost stories and old cemeteries.
75. I've had strep more times than is healthy
76. I can't stand being called Jennifer
77. I laugh when anyone says the word "pouch"
78. I look 10 years younger than I am.
79. I act 20 years younger than I am.
80. I've never broken a bone in my body.
81. I haven't cleaned the fish tank in 3 months.
82. I own a Jim Morrison action figure.
83. I also own a Jesus action figure (with real gliding action) haha
84. If I had a spirit animal, it would probably be the noble ferret.
85. I couldn't pronounce "Massachusetts" till I was 14. I called it Matchuhshoeshits.
86. I procrastinate something horrible.
87. Half the time, I wear men's pants.
88. You know those little stuffed animals or toys that say PRESS MY HAND TO HEAR ME TALK or PRESS MY FOOT TO HEAR SIXTY CHRISTMAS SONGS IN A ROW! Well, if you are in Wal Mart or Target, and happen to hear them go off all at once *grin* IT WAS ME!
89. My 4 year old son knows all the words to every song in The Beatle's Yellow Submarine.
90. My 4 year old son also knows the words to roughly 1/3 of the songs from the Broadway soundtrack of Hair. Even the one called Sodomy (sorry to say) haha.
91. I have nightmares about my childhood. I hope my son doesn't have nightmares about his.
92. I'm kind of afraid to clean the fish tank now *cringe*
93. I make the best chocolate chip cookies (from scratch) this world has ever seen! BOOM!
94. I say BOOM entirely too much.
95. I found out the hard way that Dr. Scholl's gel insoles DO NOT WORK. Fuckin OW!
96. I'm not gellin' anymore.
97. I didn't send out ANY Christmas cards this year.
98. Ever since getting sick off of Goldschlager, I can't stand the smell or taste of cinnamon. That stuff is like fireworks when it comes back up.
99. I can say "The chicken is dead," in German. It's the only German I know, other than "Gesundheit." If I ever make it to Germany, I'm ready to confuse some Germans.
100. I can't believe I bothered to finish this list. YAY! This was getting OLD!


Buzzy Coltrane said...

Thanks for the help on my blog about the whole title thing. I'll add you to "My Buddies" thing once I start putting them on there.

We have a lot in common. I loved Poison's first album and Pee Wee's Playhouse. :)

rancette said...

ha usually i can't read through everyone's top 100 lists, but yours was very interesting. I am working on my top 100 10 at a time. I have 10 things so far! Ha ha.

Jenny said...

haha, the first 70 or so came pretty quickly, now it's going

Ozle said...

"17. I am a karaoke goddess"

Hate to break it to you, but nobody is a karaoke goddess, people just think they are

Jenny said...

You know, PLEASE do not try to down ME just because YOU SUCK at karaoke. You've never heard me sing karaoke. It's not because I'm the best singer in the world, because I know I'm not. It's because I'm Jenny. Fuckin sheesh! You think people would GET IT by now...
HAHA, I'm only kiddin! Thanks for commenting!

Anonymous said...

"I'm just an indie girl
living in a redneck world.
And it SUCKS." No, what sucks is telling BE never to show me your fetid site again, and STILL winding up here! Get rid of the crucifix... if you don't recognize the word, LOOK IT UP!

Jenny said...

No, what sucks is brainwashed loser jesus freaks like yourself spreading your hate. i don't leave mean comments on all the ugly christian sites that tell me i'm going to hell, so SHUT THE FUCK UP.

Jenny said...

But really, thanks for the comment! I appreciate the "helpful input". See? Even hate messages are welcome. HAHA.

Jenny said...

i cleaned the fish tank. BOOM! it was the nastiest experience of my life. well, the nastiest experience of the past few months, at least.